Las Canteras

Sweet pear 8,00 

Albsolut pear, passoa, lemon pear and apple

Cucumber heart 7,00 

Absolute raspberry, tanqueray, cucumber, raspberry, lemon and 7up

Sweet coffee 6,00 

Coffee, Tia Maria, Frangelico and popcorn

Gin rose mojito 6,90 

Rose gin, lime, sugar, mint and club soda

Cherrylicious 8,00 

Havana 3, cherry, lemon and apple

Blue paradise 6,50 

Absolut, blue corasao, bubblegum, lime and 7up

Bubble boom 6,50 

Absolut, strawberry, chewing gum, lime and apple

Kalima 6,50 

Gold rum, passion fruit, apple, lime and grenadine

Rapsberry love 5,80 

Raspberry, orange and peach

San francisco 5,60 

Peach, pineapple, orange, orange, lemon and grenadine

Mocktail 5,50 

Choose your flavour from apple, peach or blackberry. Orange, lime, lemon, cucumber, sugar and ginger ale.

Sunset 5,80 

Strawberry, coconut and pineapple

Sexy fanny 5,50 

Strawberry and lime

Tropical paparazzi 5,50 

Tangerine, lemon, pineapple and a touch of soda.

Pink lady 6,50 

Gin, lime, egg white and grenadine

Mama Mia 8,90 

Baileys, vodka, frangelico and condensed milk

Mediterranean 8,90 

Gin, strawberry, lime and basil

Negroni 7,50 

Tanqueray, Martini Rosso and Campari

Daiquiri 7,00 

Havana3, strawberry and lime

Watermelon Summer 6,50 

White rum, natural watermelon and lime

Bloody Mary 6,60 

Tomato juice, tabasco, worcestershirs, salt, pepper, vodka

Tequila sunrise 6,50 

Tequila, orange, lime, grenadine

Fruit mojito 6,90 

Choose your own flavour (strawberry, raspberry, passion fruit, coconut, pineapple, mango, peach, pear, cherry).

Margarita 6,90 

Tequila, lime, sugar and cointreau

Caipirinha 6,90 

Cachaco, lime and sugar

Long island ice tea 7,50 

Tanqueray, Absolut, Havana 3, Coin- treau, melon juice and Pepsi

Mai thai 7,00 

Spiced rum, almond and lime

Mojito 6,50 

White rum, lime, sugar, spearmint

Piña colada 6,50 

Pineapple, coconut, white rum and malibu

Manhattan 8,90 

Whisky, Martini Rosso and Angostura

West Corck 4,60 

J&B 6,50 

John Haig 6,50 

Ballantines 6,50 

Cardhu 8,00 

Tanqueray 7,60 

Gordons 6,90 

Hendrick's 8,00 

Beefeater 6,90 

Gin Mare 9,00 

Nordes 8,40 

Brockman 8,40 

Itallicus 7,00 

Status 15 6,30 

Malfy 7,50 

Malibu 5,10 

Campari 5,10 

Passoa 5,10 

Cachaza 5,10 

Pacharám 5,10 

Tia Maria 5,10 

Limoncello 5,10 

Baileys 5,10 

Frangelico 5,10 

Amaretto 5,10 

Liqueur 43 5,10 

Drambuie 5,10 

Cointreau 5,10 

Grappa 5,10 

Pampelmuse 5,10 

Shot 2,50 

Charles I 6,90 

Magno 5,00 

Veteran 4,50 

Apple 3,90 

Peach 3,90 

Blackberry 3,90 

IGIC included.
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